European Charlemagne Labour Forum


Please find the agenda for 14 & 15 Novhere.

European Charlemagne Labour Forum

Against the background of the digital and socio-ecological transformation, the European Forum of Work aims to discuss the guiding question, How can Europe become a project of working people? The annual forum is a joint project of the Charlemagne Prize Society  and the Competence Centre on the Future of Work. The aim of the forum is to bring together labour policy actors across Europe, in order to jointly develop ideas and concepts for shaping the world of work in Europe.

The discussions at the European Charlemagne Labour Forum are intended to give political impulses and to stimulate and influence the discourse on labour and social policy at European and national level. In this context, a European awareness of the needs and challenges of workers in Europe should be raised.

European Charlemagne Labour Forum 2022

The topic of this year’s forum is Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the world of work. The use of AI is not a vision of the future, but already a reality and it is impossible to imagine discussions around the transformation of the European labour market without it. The European Commission's proposal for a law on AI is currently being negotiated in the European Parliament. The intention to promote trustworthy AI is always emphasized but what exactly constitutes trustworthy AI, how is AI used, which challenges are associated with it and which competences are required for a trustworthy handling of AI?  These and several other questions we would like to discuss during our European Charlemagne Labour Forum.


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