Workers' Rights in the Digital Age

The use of digital technologies is transforming the world of work. In theory the shift to digital can increase the quality of jobs and raise productivity and wealth. But in practice, we observe that digital infrastructures are facilitating expanding surveillance and control of segments of the workforce, and that the (limited) productivity gains of technology are no longer equally shared with labour. FES Future of Work supports projects to redress the balance, for instance by supporting collective bargaining over AI, as well as by devising strategies to help secure worker rights over data.

Our Activites

| AI, Algorithms, & Data

New research project, comprising two studies and a database containing clauses extracted from various Collective Bargaining Agreements concerning AI…


16.03.2024 | AI, Algorithms, & Data

In this short video, we addresse the phenomenon of the emerging introduction of new technologies at the workplace from a workers’ perspective.


15.03.2024 | Event, AI, Algorithms, & Data

On March 15, 2024, FES and UNI Europa launched their collaborative research project focussing on AI and collective bargaining.


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