New Report: Organising Young Workers

EPSU Youth and the Competence Centre 'Future of Work' published a new report on Organising Young Workers. The study is available for download now.

COVID-19 has hit young people particularly hard. As so often in times of economic crises, the recession caused by the pandemic has aggravated the challenges young workers and jobseekers face entering the labour market. In the EU since the outbreak of COVID-19, youth unemployment increased from 14.9 per cent to 17.1 per cent.

The necessity for the trade union movement to renew itself in order to survive may seem obvious, but it is not always reflected in trade union strategies. To remain relevant and become more effective, unions must reflect in their membership the composition of the workforce they seek to represent. In most cases, however, trade unions in Europe are becoming older as the proportion of young workers in their membership falls. 

The FES-EPSU Youth report 'Organising Young Workers' by the Researcher Nick Clark shows innovative trade union initiatives for recruiting and organising young workers, to ensure that they have a strong voice both at work and in our union structures. These examples can serve as inspiration as we continue to build our unions and increase our strength for future generations of workers.

The report (English Version) is available for download here.

The report is also available for download in following languages :

Croatian Version

French Version

German Version

Italian Version

Romanian Version

Russian Version

Spanish Version

Turkish Version


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