New Forms of Work

Digital transformation increases possibilities for platform and remote work. However, the differences in labour protection and rights in platform economy and telework vary across the EU member states.

Platform economy has a potential to create many jobs in the future. Along with flexibility, platform work brings more social insecurity, inadequate working conditions and the lack of collective bargaining rights. some platforms have already significant gender pay gaps.

The Covid pandemic has proved that remote work/telework can be beneficial for both - businesses and employees, making working arrangements more flexible.

The following topics are included:

  • Platform economy
  • Telework/ Remote work
  • Collective bargaining
  • Data security
  • Worker’s surveillance
  • Gender inclusion and pay gap

Our Activites

17.06.2021 | Event, New Forms of Work

Remote Work: Who will be the real winners?

With UNI Europa we organised on June 17 the webinar "Remote Work: Who will be the real winners?"


16.04.2021 | New Forms of Work

New realities of labour in the Pan-European region: remote work challenge and its regulations

On April 15-16, ITUC PERC and the FES CompCen 'Future of Work' organised a two day conference on remote work challenges and its regulations.

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