About FES Future of Work

Digital technologies are changing the future of work thereby creating new challenges and opportunities for millions of workers. One prominent example is the ever-expanding platform economy. But like platform workers, many Europeans work under precarious working conditions.

Therefore, we need a future of work with decent jobs and with equal opportunities for everyone in Europe. A future of work with high standards of social protection. In the digital age, workers and their representatives will need to fight for this anew.

At FES Future of Work, we focus on new technologies at the workplace, new forms of work and on empowerment of workers.

We emphasise the importance of a responsible digitalisation for all workers, regardless of their age, gender or ethnicity for all workers.

With our expertise, our studies and our debates, conferences and summer school on the future of work we aim to bring progressive approaches into the forefront and shape a digital transformation that profits not the few but the many.

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