Platformisation of Work

In recent years, the political discussion on platform work has largely focused on the working conditions of platform workers within the transport and delivery sectors. However, the platformisation of work is also increasing in other sectors like domestic work, home care services and others. This new phenomenon is bringing new forms of risks for workers such as worker isolation, work fragmentation, issues related to working time and work-life balance, and gendered undervaluation.

In this priority area, our goal is to focus on the platforimisation across various sectors and to shed light on the associated risks from a worker’s perspective.

Our Activites

11.07.2024 | Publication, Platformisation of Work

Caroline Murphy (University of Limerick), author of a new FES-study on Care Platforms explains why care platforms are becoming increasingly relevant.


05.06.2024 | Platformisation of Work

FES and EPSU have jointly launched a new report on Care Platforms. The report is avaialable now.


25.04.2024 | Publication, Platformisation of Work

How do we get to a collective work agenda for the digital economy? A new FES briefing compares the the situations in the US and Europe.


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