FES Future of Work

The Brussels-based Competence Centre on the Future of Work was founded in 2021 by the Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung.

We strive for a future of work where the benefits of digital technology are widely shared, and go hand in hand with quality jobs and social protection for all. Therefore, we pay special attention to social dialogue and regulation to ensure that the digital transformation reinforces, rather than corrodes, the European commitment to social partnership and workers´ rights.

As a think tank and policy adviser, we regularly publish papers and reports and bring together stakeholders to discuss the future of work in various formats from roundtables and workshops to conferences and an annual Summer School. In addition, we host a Digital Archive with relevant publications, podcasts and videos, and run the fortnightly Wage Against the Machine newsletter.

The Competence Centre focuses on the following three priority areas:

Workers rights in the Digital Age

Inclusive Digital Transformation

Platformisation of Work

FES Future of Work supports all FES offices and their partners, and works especially closely with the Brussels-based colleagues at FES EU Office and FES Just Climate. In our daily activities, we cooperate with a wide range of stakeholders, including trade unions, NGOs, academia and policy-makers – especially at EU level.

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