Labour Day 2021: Voices of essential workers (video)

On Labour Day, essential workers from different European countries explained what work means to them and what they want for the future of their work.

For Labour Day 2021, the Competence Centre on the Future of Work of the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation gathered the voices of essential workers from different European countries, sharing their work experiences and wishes for the future of their work.

Even if many have been impacted by teleworking, millions of workers continue to work and provide essential services on the frontline of the pandemic.

Approximately, 31% of employed working-age individuals are essential workers in the EU. True value of essential workers is not recognised even if workers in essential services have been crucial during the pandemic.

This video is dedicated to the millions of workers who help us getting through the crisis. Many of them are continuously risking their health and well-being!

Video: Voices of Essential Workers for Labour Day 2021

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